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History tells us that the Douro region, classified by Unesco as World Heritage of Humanity in 2001, has been producing wine for more than 2000 years, including the world-famous Port Wine and more. Olive oil, in turn, has been gaining prominence in this region.
We sell elegant wines and olive oils, whose price/quality ratio will surprise you.

We privilege small and young producers with diversified projects, with an exclusive offer, but always with a high standard of commitment and responsibility, where the “douro” quality seal is a principle, a transversal trace to all the wines and olive oils in our range.

The history of 100HECTARES wines begins in the early 1970s, when the Brás and Cigarro family – owners of a great passion for the Douro region – decided to invest in the acquisition and renovation of properties.

The 100 Hectares project represents in itself, a generational legacy with very strong characteristics and values at work. The production of 100 Hectares wines is made exclusively from grapes coming from their own farms, this is the family philosophy that is evident in the treatment of the quality of their wines, from the vineyard to the glass.

The 100 hectares brand is already rooted in the national and international wine industry, with recognition for quality and innovation. Today, the brand’s reference is inseparable when talking about the wines from the Demarcated Douro Region. The affirmation of this project has gradually and naturally gained its place as an example. The new generation of the family, Filipe Brás and André Brás embody a strong Douro identity, through all the difficulties inherent to mountain viticulture and the aggressive competitiveness of the sector, has managed to grow sustainably and with a very well defined strategic direction. It is considered a project with soul that fuses tradition with innovation, that fuses work with values, that manages to express in each wine the flavor of a special terroir.

We grew up embraced in a sibling love for a family bosom made of affections and deep feelings intertwined in the generations and rooted in the memories that taught us to fertilize the day to day. Just like the vines. Basically, we almost just turn the grape bunches into bottles of wine. The complexity appears later in the tasting of those who have the pleasure of savoring these nectars.

Quinta da Deserta is situated in the heart of the Douro Demarcated Region, with its vineyards rooted between the banks of the Távora and Douro rivers, on schistous soils. The combination of a climate with very hot and dry summers and very cold and wet winters translates into low yields but with high quality grapes.

Since the beginning, the quality of our wines has been our standard and the reason why our customers trust us. Our mission is to provide high quality wine to meet the needs and requirements of our customers.

Quinta da Deserta offers its customers the best that is made in the Douro, wines.

The business is family-owned and our greatest pride is evident in the quality of the wine produced, because we know the hard work and dedication we put into all stages of production.

The products sold from Quinta da Deserta are certified. Thus, our customers are guaranteed a high quality product.

Cooperative founded in 1955. Made up of more than 1000 traditional winegrowers in the Douro. Wines produced from grapes grown in its members’ vineyards and farms. Over 1500 hectares of vineyard using traditional cultivation techniques.

Sustainable agriculture, manual harvesting with low production rates, leading these wines to a high quality level. World-famous for its Port Wine, it has gained increasing notoriety for Douro wines.

Wines produced only with native grape varieties:
Reds: Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinta Barroca, Tinta Roriz and Tinto Cão White: Fernão Pires, Viosinho, Gouveio and Malvasia Fina

Inserted in the oldest demarcated region in the world “Douro”, established in 1756. This long tradition of growing vines on traditional terraces has given rise to a landscape that is unique in the world, and was recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2001 – the first wine region in the world to achieve this status.

The “Adega Vila Real” has been highlighted throughout the years with several awards, both national and international. Medaled in 2011 with the “UP-AND COMING WINE PRODUCER OF THE YEAR” and in 2012 “ADEGA COOPERATIVE OF THE YEAR”, among others.
“Adega Vila Real” is among the Douro’s fastest growing brands.

This house was born from a dream of the owner, which took shape in 2017 with the construction of the Lagar and the registration of the brand Afonso Borges, his father’s name, a tribute that the owner wanted to give to the one who formed him as a human being.

The “Casa Afonso Borges” is a project that excels in the olive oil sector. Its role is divided in two narrow fields, the rendering of a different quality service, which starts in the field (Olive grove), goes through the care and demands in the Press, ending in the final packaging of the Olive Oil and the promotion and spreading of quality Olive Oil and of course the brand Casa Afonso Borges.

This oil is produced with state-of-the-art technology. The transport of the olives to the Lagar is daily and well conditioned. The olive oil production is immediate (cold worked) and the whole process is accompanied by laboratory reading and sensory testing of all deliveries to the Lagar, striving for hygiene and selecting the olives by variety.

The mill is completely mechanized. From the arrival of the olives to the extraction of olive oil, the process takes “only 45 minutes. Only with the demanding control of all the processes for obtaining Olive Oil, can we reach a product of excellence.

The recognition of Casa Afonso Borges’ quality is duly proven by the awarding of the Gold Medal 2018, Intense Green Fruity Category in the National Olive Oil Competition of Portugal.